Wallich Residence


* TOP obtained!
3 payment schemes are available:

1) Normal Payment Scheme
– Price at 15% disc
-5% booking fee
-5% exercise within 2wks. Sales completion within 15wks.
-Vacant possession at sales completion.

2) Deferred Payment Scheme-
– Price at 10% disc
-5% booking fee
-15% exercise within 2wks, sales completion within 1yr/2yrs from exercising.
-Vacant Possession within 15wks after exercising option, producing of stamp cert, payment of 6mths maintenance fee and survey fee.

3) Reservation Scheme –
– Price at 12% disc
-10% booking fee
-10% upon exercise (max 6 months), sales completion within 15wks.
-Vacant possession at sales completion.

* Special bundle price with ID or fitted units

1-bedroom *price inclusive of ID (Final 3 units)
#49-04 (614 sq ft) @ $2,280,000/- ($3,713psf)
*#50-04 (646 sq ft) @ $2,300,000/-($3,746psf)
*#51- 05 (646 sq ft) @ $2,480,000/-($3,839 psf)

2-bedroom (price inclusive of ID)
#51-08 (1098 sq ft) @$4,062,600/- ($3,700 psf)
#51-09 (1098 sq ft) @$4,150,440/- ($3,780 psf)

3 bedroom (price inclusive of ID)
#41-10 (1765 sq ft) @ $5,668,000/- ($3,211/-psf)

3 bedroom (Fitted units, prices inclusive of furniture & fitting)
#45-08 (1098 sq ft) @ $3,623,100/- ($3,300 psf)
#48-08 (1098 sq ft) @ $3,731,520/- ($3,398psf)
#49-08 (1098 sq ft) @ $3,777,540/- ($3,440 psf)

4-bedroom (Inclusive of ID cost)
#53-01 (1658 sq ft) @$6,618,000/- ($3,992 psf)
#53-04 (1658 sq ft) @ $6,280,000/- ($3,788 psf)
#53-05 (1765 sq ft) @ $6,358,000/- ($3,602psf)

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Developer: Guocoland
Address: 3 Wallich Street S(078882)
District: 2
Tenure: 99 years
Total Units: 181

Project details :
Wallich Residence is part of Tanjong Pagar Centre, and comprises a limited edition of 181 luxury homes, located at the top of the office building, reaching 290 metres in height. This will be the first building in Singapore to reach this height, offering residents the status of living in Singapore’s tallest building. The apartments enjoy a North-South facing, to optimise the views and minimise heat gain. The luxury residential units, located above 180 metres, will take advantage of the views towards the north (Marina Bay and Central Business District), and those extending southward towards Sentosa Island and the Singapore Straits.

Wallich Residence – 181 exclusive residences
Guoco Tower – 890,000 sq ft Grade A office Space
Tanjong pagar park – 150,000 sq ft of landscaped garden
Retail – 100,000 sq ft of retail and dining options across 6 storeys
Sofitel Singapore city centre – French flair, 5-star hospitality and luxurious amenitie
Direct connectivity- Direct access to MRT from Basement 2


Wallich Residence hits $4560psf

Plans to rejuvenate city centre, waterfront


MONEY MIND:  “Living the High Life in the CBD”
I stay in a modest apartment in the CBD myself.  Every evening, I walk 3.5km around the Marina Bay, and see hordes of tourists enjoying themselves.  And I always wonder to myself:  Why are Singaporeans not enjoying themselves here?